Simple But Important Tips for Keeping a Gas Lawnmower in Good Working Order

A high-quality lawnmower should last for years with little need for repair, but even if you buy the most expensive and well-reviewed lawnmower on the market, you still need to maintain it in order to keep it running optimally. This is especially true of a gas-powered lawnmower, as it will have more parts that can get dirty and need cleaning or replacing over the years than an electrical lawnmower. As with your car's engine, maintaining your lawnmower's gas engine will make it last longer. Note a few tips for doing this.

1. Drain the gas tank at the end of each season

Gas can allow sediment and other debris to settle into all the parts of the lawnmower when left untouched for many months, so that the next time you start it, you will put added wear and tear on the motor and other parts. Drain the gas tank at the end of each season and start with a fresh tank of gas so that you don't circulate debris and other contaminants that build up in a gas tank during wintertime.

2. Check the oil

A gas engine needs oil, not just as a lubricant but also to keep the engine and all other parts cool. Check the oil levels at the beginning of each season and give your mower an oil change as needed, depending on how often you use it. Be alert to signs of an oil leak, including white smoke or a burning smell when you use your mower, and have the engine repaired if needed.

3. Replace the filter and plugs

The air filter keeps fresh air flowing into the engine, and when the filter gets dirty, this puts stress on the engine and causes extra wear and tear. If the plugs are dirty, this also puts stress on the engine as you try to start it, and it may struggle. Replacing the air filter and plugs as recommended by the mower's manufacturer or as they get worn will go a long way toward keeping the mower's engine clean and running optimally.

4. Clean the underside

It's always good to clean the underside of your mower as needed but especially for a gas-powered model, as you don't want all those extra clippings to make their way into the gas tank. Cleaning the underside of the mower will ensure there is no extra wear on the engine as the blades work and will keep your mower working optimally .

For more information about caring for lawn mowers, contact a local manufacturer or supplier.