Not a Fan of Mowing? 3 Alternatives to Traditional Lawn That Don’t Need Much Work

There's a certain pleasure in having a freshly mown lawn. Just how much pleasure you get from it depends on how much you enjoy doing the work. Some people find the act of mowing their lawn to be rather soothing, and other people might find it to be a tedious chore. If you're in the latter group, there are some things you can do to reduce the amount of work that is needed. There are some alternatives to having a backyard that is entirely comprised of grass. Many places that offer turf supplies will stock other options that will give you a beautiful green backyard and yet are not traditional lawn turf. These other options generally require less maintenance than grass, making your life easier. So what are some of these alternatives that will look just as lovely as grass?

1. Clover

Most lawns will already have a fair amount of clover, but a lawn that is mostly (or entirely) clover will be hardier and easier to care for than grass. Dutch white clover is easy to cultivate, and all you need to do is scatter the seeds over your existing lawn. As the clover takes root, it will quickly become the dominant form of ground coverage. Unlike grass, clover grows to maturity and then stops. It does not keep sprouting upwards in the same way as grass, which will greatly reduce the amount of mowing required. Dutch white clover is best because it does not require much water to thrive. It also cannot be damaged by urine, which is fantastic if you have pets.

2. Groundcover Plants

A sprawling green groundcover plant makes a fantastic substitute to a traditional lawn. Your local garden store will stock a range of groundcover plants, and you should look for an evergreen variety so that the soil remains covered all year round. Cornus canadensis (which is sold commercially as bunchberry) is very easy to care for. Ensure that you opt for a dwarf variety so that it does not grow too tall. You can also use strawberry plants in warmer areas and enjoy the delicious fruit. Strawberry plants need a fair amount of water though, so regular maintenance is still required. Groundcover plants will need occasional cropping, but you will of course not need to mow them.

3. Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grasses can be a fantastic lawn. They're similar to clover in that they don't keep growing and so don't need to be mowed. You should check out your local garden centre and ask which ornamental grasses will grow best in your local area. There's a bit of set-up work, but once the grass has been established, you won't need to do much. Give them plenty of water after they've been planted while their root systems are being established. Plant each clump with a generous space between it and its neighbour. These grasses will sprawl, and you don't want them to have to compete for nutrients. Some individual blades of grass will die in the winter months, and these can be removed with secateurs to ensure the best looking plant. Don't worry—the plant will replace these dead blades.

A lawn can be lovely, but there are many equally lovely alternatives that will reduce the amount of mowing that is required. For more information about these and other options for law cover, contact a local turf supplies retailer.