Ask These Questions Before Renting a Rubbish Bin

Before you rent a rubbish bin for a home renovation project or to assist with spring cleaning, you want to ensure you know what's involved with this rental. Chances are you don't rent rubbish bins very often, so you may not realize how the process works. Note a few questions to ask so you know you get what you need and know what's involved.

1. Always ask if you can get your own permits before applying

Some bin rental companies may have their own association with certain city councils or neighborhood associations, and they get their own permits. They may need to ensure that the right permit is acquired so that their bin is not towed away and so that they don't face fines themselves. Always ask if you can get your own permits before you apply for those permits, or you may be wasting time and money.

2. Note what is meant by a skip bin

When you rent a rubbish bin, you may assume that a skip bin means any type of bin. However, if you think you need one with a door you can use to get into the bin itself, ask for this type in particular. Usually, the term skip bin refers to a standard, solid bin, whereas one with a door is different. If you don't specifically ask for a skip bin with a door, you may not get the bin you need. Always ask if there is a difference in their terminology before you rent a bin.

3. Ensure you ask how far the bin can be filled

Because a bin usually gets towed away when it's full, you usually have a limit as to how high it can be filled. Adding boards to the side to make the bin taller so you can add more items may result in a fine or added fee. Always ask how far the bin can be filled if you know you'll be producing a large amount of rubbish from your project.

4. Note if you need to cover the bin at night

If you have a bin rental for more than one day, you want to ask if you should cover it at night. This can keep your rubbish from getting wet if there is rain but can also be needed to keep the bin from being considered a nuisance in your neighborhood. Your rental agency will be able to advise you on what might be required in your neighborhood.

For more information, contact a local bin hire company.