Two tips for business owners who want to rent indoor plants for their upcoming product launch

If you will be renting several indoor plants and using them to jazz up the venue where you're launching your new product, you should follow the advice described here.

Pick plants that will fit in with the type of product you're launching

It's best not to pick plants randomly from the indoor plant hire business. Instead, you should try to pick ones that will work well with the product you plan to launch.

For example, if you run a skincare company and you're launching a coconut- and pineapple-scented sunscreen that has imagery depicting an exotic island on its label, you might want to rent a bird-of-paradise and a pygmy date palm, as these lush tropical plants will complement this product perfectly. Similarly, if you're launching a clothing line that features a lot of floral prints, you might want to opt for a few flowering indoor plants, such as a peace lily and an African violet, which will mirror the floral patterns on your garments. Taking this approach will ensure that these indoor garden supplies will not only make the venue look pretty but will also establish a cohesive decor theme that draws attention to the product you're launching.

Make sure you have any extra tools you might need to prep the plants before the event

In order to ensure that the hired plants look their best and help to enhance the venue's appearance, you may need to get a few small gardening supplies that you can use to prep the plants before the product launch starts. For example, you might want to get a misting bottle, as whilst the plant hire business will water the plants before they send them to your venue, the soil might dry out a little bit if there is a long gap between the time they're delivered and the time your product launch starts (or if the venue is particularly hot and dry). By spritzing a small amount of water onto the soil, you can rehydrate the plants and perk up any drooping leaves before the event starts. Likewise, you might want to get a miniature feather duster to sweep the dust off the larger leaves and blooms on the plants.

If you don't have time to go to the garden centre and pick up these extra items, you may want to ask the plant rental company if they can provide these supplies when they deliver your plants.

For more information, contact an indoor plant hire company.