Top Reasons to Opt for Bulk Mulch Over Bagged Delivery

When it comes to taking care of your lawn, mulch is a must-have ingredient; otherwise, your flowers, grass, and young trees will die prematurely. Mulch helps retain soil moisture and protects young roots from the elements. Additionally, mulch provides soil nutrients, especially the organic type. Notably, there are two options for mulch delivery: bagged or bulk. While there are valid reasons to go with either option, this article highlights the benefits of bulk mulch over bagged delivery.

Uniform Mulch Batch

One of the objectives of buying mulch is to achieve a uniform landscape. Unfortunately, you are unlikely to achieve such uniformity with bagged mulch because shade variations are common. Consequently, such mulch is unacceptable when landscaping conspicuous areas, such as the front lawn. However, if you want to apply mulch in other areas, such as a front gate or backyard, bagged mulch is suitable. On the other hand, a batch of bulk mulch looks the same, precisely what you need to achieve a uniform lawn.

Easy Clean-Up

A landscaping project is challenging to implement; therefore, you must take proactive steps to make the task lighter. However, it can be challenging to work on an expansive lawn because you need many bags of mulch. The downside is that empty bags add to the amount of waste you have to deal with once you have emptied all the mulch on your yard. Nonetheless, it should not be a problem if you are working on a small lawn because you only need a few bags of mulch. With bulk mulch, you do not have to worry about cleaning up after application, thanks to the absence of packaging. Besides, you do not have to expend any effort unpacking mulch before application.

Fresh Mulch

Landscaping experts often advise homeowners to prioritise fresh mulch for their lawns because of the higher concentration of nutrients. Although you can find freshly bagged mulch in stores, some products could date as far back as six months. Most importantly, you should only select bagged mulch that is only a couple of weeks old. Unlike bagged mulch, bulk mulch is always fresh because the duration between grinding and delivery is not more than a few days. However, ensure that the bulk mulch you buy had enough time to cure; otherwise, it will stain your driveway or any other delivery spot. To get the best deal, preorder bulk mulch depending on your landscaping plans.