Two Tips for Gardening Enthusiasts Who Have Bought a Chainsaw

If you're a gardening enthusiast who has just bought a chainsaw, these tips might be helpful to you.

Buy a scabbard for the chainsaw 

One very inexpensive accessory you should get for your chainsaw is a scabbard; this is a hard plastic cover that fits snugly over the chainsaw's blade. Having this protective cover over the chainsaw will make it safer for you and the other household members. For example, if you need to lay the chainsaw down on the lawn whilst you gather up the branches you cut off with it and then put them in the bin, putting this cover over the blade before you leave it unattended would mean that you would not need to worry about a family member, who might be walking barefoot across the lawn, stepping on the blade and wounding their foot.

Additionally, the scabbard will also protect the chainsaw itself from damage. If for example, you keep this cover on it whenever you take a break from using it and need to leave it on a surface or the ground in your garden, the scabbard will prevent the blade from getting coated in mud or leaves. It will also ensure that if you or another family member accidentally drop something heavy on it (like a clay plant pot, for instance), its blade won't get damaged by this impact.

Dry your chainsaw after every use  

If you want to keep your chainsaw in good condition indefinitely, it is very important to dry this equipment after each use. The reason for this is that most chainsaws are not waterproof and, whilst their engines are usually encased in a protective plastic cover, their chains can rust if exposed to too much water for too long. As such, if you need to, for example, cut down some tree branches shortly after a rainstorm, when these branches and their leaves are still wet, you should keep in mind that doing this will make the chainsaw's chain wet and will need to be dried after you have done this task.

Additionally, even if it hasn't been raining recently when you use the chainsaw in your garden, its blade and chain could still get slightly damp, due to the moisture that will be released when it slices through your trees and plants. Even this small amount of moisture could damage the chainsaw if it's not removed. Because of this, it's best to simply dry off the chainsaw after every use.

Contact a local garden supply centre to learn more about caring for your chainsaw.